Jazz Transcriptions

These transcriptions were made by slowing down recordings to half speed using Transcribe, either in front of a piano and notating on paper, or in front of a computer, notating on Sibelius. I sometimes use my piano applet as a 'visual aid' as I listen and transcribe. Each one of these recordings is a joy to hear, and I hope you find these transcriptions even more enjoyable to read or play. I apologise in advance for accidentals, please email me if you disagree with my spelling, or spot any obvious errors! The files are in .gif89 format, should be readable by any web browser. The typeset files are suitable for printing, but the handwritten ones are B&W scans, and may not print well. They will be legible if you are familiar with the recording!

  • Rosa Passos - Nada Igual, from Morada do Samba 1999 pdf with lead sheet and lyrics in Portuguese and transcription of the beautiful intro/coda!
  • Sophie - Introduction (in full 5-part-harmony!) - Kenny Wheeler, from Small and Large Ensembles pdf
  • What Now - from Kenny Wheeler, What Now, with John Taylor, Chris Potter and Dave Holland pdf
  • Keith Jarrett, Autumn Leaves, Tokyo '96 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  • Keith Jarrett, Summer Nights, Tokyo '96 Page 1 Page 2
  • Keith Jarrett, Rainbow, Introduction, head and start of solo pdf
  • Keith Jarrett, Body And Soul (Introduction) from The Cure 1990 pdf or midi
  • Keith Jarrett, Stella by Starlight, Standards Live 1986 - Introduction and head Page 1 Page 2 (few bars of overlap) (2006)
  • Keith Jarrett, Whisper not, Whisper Not 2000 - Introduction Page 1 Page 2 - **put scan here**
  • Piano accompaniment to Turn out the Stars, Tierney Sutton, Blue in Green 2001 - Christian Jacob on piano, Henry Trey (b), Joe Labarbera (d) Page 1 Page 2
  • Dave Liebman Quartet, Without You, Setting the Standard 1992 with Mulgrew Miller (p), Rufus Reid (b), Victor Lewis (d) Page 1 Page 2 Page 3
  • All of you, Bill Evans, Eloquence 1973 Page 1 Page 2 Page 3 Page 4 Page 5 (2007)
  • Skylark, Holger Marjamaa from youtube. first chorus
  • Roy Hargrove: "Roy Allan", from the Family album - piano solo Page 1
  • Some track from a demo CD - if you know who it's by, let me know... by the way, the changes are
    | Dm x 8 ||: Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm | Bb | Eo A7 | Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm | Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm :||
    | C#m F#7 | B | Bm7 E7 | A | Am D7 | Cm9 F7,13 | Eo | A7 |
    | Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm | Bb | Eo A7 | Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm | Bo Bb7 | A7 Dm ||
    Page 1
  • Tomato Kiss - Toots Thielemans and Bill Evans - head and start of Bill's solo pdf
  • Take 6 - Quiet Place - with lead sheet! The beautiful arrangement is by Mervyn Warren pdf (2010)
  • Take 6 - Come Unto Me pdf (2014)
  • Chick Corea - Pannonica pdf
  • Crescent - Joey DeFrancesco's organ solo on John McLaughlin's 1994 album After the Rain pdf
  • Orbit - Nikki Iles (from album Everything I Love) pdf

Lead Sheets

Here are some of my lead sheets to less well-known tunes. If you want charts in a different key, do email me .
  • Toots Thielemans / Bill Evans - Sno Peas. from the album Affinity pdf
  • Keith Jarrett - No Lonely Nights pdf with a short segment of transcription
  • Charlie Haden - Nightfall pdf
  • Verklärte Nacht by Arnold Schoenberg in the form of a lead sheet (!) pdf I have always said that jazz and late romantic European classical music have plenty in common, so here's proof.
  • Michael Jackson - Ben (the track about a pet rodent?) pdf . Rest in peace Michael.
  • Alex Tuomarila, Six Keys of Eudoxus from the album Constellation pdf
  • Kenny Barron - Until Then, from the album Canta Brasil pdf, this track has a great flute solo by Anne Drummond which I'll get round to transcribing one day.
  • Gwilym Simcock - Affinity, from the album Perception pdf Who is not jealous of this man? Next on my agenda is to transcribe those awesome last 3 choruses!

Sanjay's Kenny Wheeler Fakebook

Charts for less-well-known Wheeler tunes, in pdf format. Some of them also include a few lines of highlighted solo, as a taster.
  • Kenny Wheeler - Part V: Know Where You Are - from Music for Small and Large Ensembles pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - Part VII: "Freddy C" - from Music for Small and Large Ensembles pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - Sophie - Introduction (including full 5-part-harmony!), from Small and Large Ensembles, Disc 2 pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - Phrase One - from All the More pdf in concert pdf in B flat
  • Kenny Wheeler - March Mist - from What Now? pdf in concert pdf in B flat
  • Kenny Wheeler - What Now, from , What Now?, with John Taylor, Chris Potter and Dave Holland pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - Iowa City, from , What Now? pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - The Widow in the Window - from The Widow in the Window pdf
  • Kenny Wheeler - Gigolo - from Flutter By Butterfly pdf in concert pdf in B flat