Matlab libraries

Our matlab libraries are required for running our tasks and provide a lot of useful functions for analysing Eyelink and other data.

Open Science Framework: Matlib

Data and code for memory interference experiments

All data and code for our series of experiments on memory interference, from Tabi et al., Brit J Psychol 2019, is available here:

Open Science Framework: Recall cues interfere with retrieval from visuospatial working memory

Conjunctive coding neurons in prefrontal cortex

Working memory model

Our model of working memory, presented in Manohar et al. Neurosci Bioheh. Reviews (2019), makes a large number of predictions. Even more can be generated by adjusting the model to simulate other tasks, so all code is available for Python, Matlab or Javascript:

Open Science Framework: Plastic Attractor Model of Working Memory

Hippofit: Biobank hippocampal volume calculator

We have prepared a tool for comparing hippocampal volume estimates from fMRI imaging against 19,700 healthy people from the UK Biobank. The pipeline, methods, and the key ageing effects are described in Nobis et al., Neuroimage Clinical (2019).

HippoFit: Volume-by-age percentile calculator